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To thrift or not to thrift

That is the question!

The short answer is yes but the reason is much more complicated than that. Thrifting has certainly become more popular with the younger generations as people have found their own sense of style. It gives people a way of finding clothes that make them feel good and help to express their personality in a more ethical way. When in a thrift store, you are surrounded by colours and different fabrics which all have its own history, but you can make it your own.

Over consumption has become a big issue in society today and it is just not sustainable for our world continue with this. From low wage sweat shops around the world to landfills packed with unwanted clothing, the effects that these garments wreak are detrimental to ecosystems and ways of life. By choosing charity shops over fast fashion, you are shrinking your carbon footprint.

Thrifting is not just good for the planet, but it is great for your wallet. This is due to the prices at charity shops being relatively cheaper than leading fast fashion brands. In addition, many thrift stores are non-profit organisations which means their earnings go to a good cause.

So why not try thrifting? There is no harm in it as another man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

-Michelle Ubani

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