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Innoson : Africa’s First Environmentally Friendly Car

Did you know that motor vehicles are the single largest source of air pollution globally, producing nearly 30% of all global warming emissions?

Thus, any effort in manufacturing cars that do not emit any harmful chemicals into the atmosphere goes a long way to ensure cleaner air.

The first environmentally friendly car in Africa is by Innoson, a vehicle manufacturing company based in Nigeria. Nigeria is currently the largest economy in Africa.

The company was founded in 2007. It manufactures brand-new vehicles that are not only more affordable but also kinder to the environment. The company is slowly changing the narrative that any car on African roads comes from Japan, China, Germany, etc.

Approximately 70% of all the car parts are produced locally in Nigeria. The other 30% is sourced from China, Japan, and Germany.

In October 2020, Innoson’s CEO said that the company is prepared to welcome electric cars. He said this during Nigeria at 60 celebrations. Electric vehicles are more environmentally friendly since they do not burn any fuel. Thus, there are zero emissions to the atmosphere.

The transition to electric vehicles for IVM would be flawless. That’s because the CEO pointed that they haven’t started manufacturing cars in the country. Thus, just like how they source for their engines, they’d only have to buy batteries for their electric vehicles instead.

Main Challenges Faced by Vehicle Manufacturing Companies in Africa

African vehicle manufacturing companies face several challenges. The main ones are low local patronage and unreliable or no electricity supply. Fortunately, the locals are slowly embracing their locally made vehicles, which are brand new and affordable.

What’s more, African governments are working to ensure a stable electricity supply across their countries. And the progress is remarkable.

Innoson is yet to roll out its first electric car, but the company is ready and prepared. The progress is amazing and the future for IVM is undoubtedly promising.

Photo credits:www.innosongroup.com

Nena Ubani
Editor in Chief

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