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What Men Want

I was having a conversation with a lady friend of mine about my older brother’s wife who in my opinion was highly outspoken. After going and on about how I found her character a little ‘aggressive’ my friend who had been quietly listening said “men are confused people, men don’t know what they want”.  I was taken aback and all I could do was laugh.

What do men want in a woman? What are men really looking for? Are men truly confused? In this article, I would try to shed light on these questions.

I believe I am a confident, highly extroverted, optimistic, funny, highly intelligent (cough cough) young man.  A Christian though not a religious one and a non-drinker. Hard on the outside but soft on the inside. I love the concept of love and I seriously believe in love.

Why am I telling you all these things about myself?

I believe that to know what you want; you need to know who you are.

What a man want in a woman is a reflection of who he is and how he thinks.  Some men want women who are the opposite of them. I have seen myself pass on some women simply because they are extroverts like me. I also run away from hot tempered women. I have been known to walk through a burning flame just to be with an introverted woman. I know some introverted men who find extroverted women attractive.

As much as men want their opposite in certain areas, they also want their kind in certain areas, an intelligent man wants a woman who would arouse his emotions as well as his intelligence. Some intelligent men prefer a less challenging woman so that she will not interfere with his plans( these set of guys think they know it all). This is actually a mirth as every one in life would exert their ideas at one point or the other. Dating someone that is not on the same intellectual wavelength as you is a recipe for disaster. Most men are looking for a woman who shares similar interests and passion in certain areas.

Some men are more interested in the physical looks of a woman and her prowess on bed. Statistics has shown that marriage decisions based on the this is one of the reasons for divorce. Which led me to conclude that in marriage, what matters to a man is his wife’s character and disposition more than her looks.

As our faces are different so are our choices and taste but ultimately, a man is looking for peace and respect. He is looking for a woman he can build a future with.


  • Chuka Ajali

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