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Are All Wine Vegan?

Wines are made from a grape which is a plant based food therefore many people may assume all wines are vegan friendly. But are they? Well, not exactly.

Here is the science behind wine making.

Deciding whether a wine is vegan friendly or not is down to how the wine is clarified, a process called ‘fining ‘all young wines are hazy and contain tiny molecules such as proteins, tartrates, tannins and phenolics.

Usually the wines, after some time will self-stabilize but some producers choose to speed the process along by using agents, such as casein(a milk protein), albumin (egg white), gelatine (animal protein) and isinglass (fish bladder protein) and this is what makes a wine vegan unfriendly!

Before you choose a wine to pair with a meal it is important to take the time to understand how that wine is processed and to look for a vegan-friendly label. Wines that are labelled as vegan friendly undergo a fining process, just as other wines do, but the difference lies in how that processing takes place. Look for wines that are fined with clay or carbon, which remove cloudiness from new wine just as efficiently as those with animal products do. Some wineries are following a new trend of offering wines that are unfiltered, which makes them a viable vegan-friendly choice. These wines will also clear up over time when they are allowed to sit, but in most cases, the clouding only affects its appearance, not its taste.

You may also have to inquire at your local winery or wine store if a certain brand is vegan friendly, as not all wines are labelled as being one or the other.

Drink responsibly!


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