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7 Nigerian Vegan Street Foods To Try


Street foods taste so good and being vegan in Nigeria does not mean you have to stop you eating them. Here are a few you need to try.



Boli is basically just roasted plantain, usually made by street vendors on charcoal grill and served with groundnuts or fresh pepper sauce.


Akara is a vegan dish made of peeled Nigerian brown or white beans, grounded together with onions, pepper and other spices and fried in oil. One of the reasons why this food is satisfying is that it stands on its own as a snack, making them ideal for breakfast. They are deep-fried in oil by street vendors and sold hot to their buyers. They taste amazing when eaten with bread as a full meal.

Moi Moi

Moi moi is made from highly nutritious Nigerian brown beans or black-eye beans, grounded together with onions, bell peppers, palm oil and spices, and steamed in banana leaves, which is a great source of protein. Street vendors say it is equally great as a main or side dish.


Puff-puffs as they are called, are extremely popular in Nigerian streets. They are made of flour, mixed with other ingredients and fried in oil. Puff-puffs are easily prepared in large quantities, and this food is great for gatherings and get-togethers. They are unapologetically sold by street vendors in Nigeria. They are fluffy-on-the-inside and crispy-on-the-outside.

Fried yam and pepper sauce

Indulge yourself in this glorious traditional Nigerian vegan street food. It is eaten for breakfast, lunch, and most times dinner.


This delicious Nigerian vegan street food is pronounced “doh-doh”. Dodo is made of sliced plantains and fried in oil. It can serve as a snack, side dish or a main dish.


Ewa Agoyin (Beans Porridge)

These traditional vegan street food is delicious and liked by many Nigerians, including vegans. “Ewa” means “beans” in Yoruba (a Nigerian language) and “Agoyin” is referenced to the (Beninoise people), the originators of this dish. It is made with white or brown beans. The beans are boiled until soft, smashed, and served with palm oil-pepper sauce.


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