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Technology and Sustainability: Let’s Break it Down

The leading causes of climate change in the world are deforestation, burning fossil fuels like gas, coal, and oil to get energy, industrial processes, and other human activities.

In light of the same, companies are now opting for green technology which is not only sustainable but is also kinder to the environment. Here are a few ways you can join this movement towards sustainability.

Use Smart Tech

Smart technology such as mobile money transfers and other smart devices used are not only meant to give you comfort and convenience. These technologies also allow you to monitor and control your energy usage at home. Plus, different devices are set to run only when they need to, which reduces energy wastage.

Mobile money transfers and online shopping have also come to save the day, in terms of sustainability. By ordering a product online, you won’t have to travel to the physical store. Thus, you’re reducing the amount of carbon that would have been released to the environment.

Other energy-saving solutions include LED lighting, sensors, and more. 

Recycle and Reuse

Water bottles are one of the most common waste products. But on the bright side? Companies have now come up with clever ways of recycling plastic bottles into other products such as rugs, clothing, flowerpots, and more.

By recycling forest products such as paper, you’re helping to reduce the rate of deforestation. On that note, many companies have now also gone paperless, which moves the globe towards sustainability.

That’s because although the benefits of recycling are often long-term, you’ll eventually notice a significant drop in the rate of deforestation.

Choose Solar Energy

The highest percentage of the world today relies on fossil fuels for energy. Unfortunately, fossil energy wells are quickly depleting as the energy consumption rate continues to rise day by day.  What next?

The only sure way of getting sustainable energy is using the sun. Plus,  various technologies have now been put in place to tap solar energy for lighting and heating needs.

Go Vegan

Did you know that taking meat is bad for the environment? That’s because meat production is a key factor that leads to increased soil degradation, deforestation, emission of greenhouse gas, water stress and more.

On top of that, eating meat is not sustainable since its environmental impact continues to increase with each animal that is slaughtered. But the advantages of veganism remain unmatched.

Plantbased food is not only delicious but it’s also the best way to prevent animal suffering and slaughtering. The best part? You’re significantly shrinking human environmental footprint. And you’ll also be happier and healthier.

Choose Sustainable Palm Oil Products

Oil palms have an impressive oil-yielding rate per acre that’s way above that of any other oil-producing crops.

But on the flip side, unsustainable palm oil production leads to extensive deforestation. That means, in the end, palm oil production may end up consuming a large section of our forests.

On the bright side, the world is making intentional efforts towards ensuring sustainable palm oil production. Always double check to ensure the palm oil products you’re using are from a company that is practising sustainable production.

In a Nutshell,

We need to be intentional in ensuring the use of technologies for sustainable developments and lowest environmental impacts. Choose products that are less likely to cause climatic change.

Nena Ubani
Editor in Chief

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