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Travelling While Vegan

One of the things I found difficult when I first went vegan was Travelling. It was something I did not really consider until I...



Black, Queer and Vegan!

Sounds like a mouthful, doesn’t it? Experiencing the world through these lenses is certainly a handful! Being black, queer, and vegan colours the way I...

Editor's Letters

Editor’s Letter

After 3 sleepless nights, I am super excited to present you with our 2nd issue (see how hard i'm working for y'all lol). The...

Editor’s Letter

Editor’s Letter


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Health and Fitness Benefits of Going Vegan

Going vegan comes with many health benefits. These benefits, especially weight loss, are achieved in the best and most efficient way if you also...

4 Natural Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Head Lice Fast

It is embarrassing when people spot lice on your head or when you have to scratch your head in public because of it.  Many...

Dealing With The Stress Response

Dear Melanated Sister and Brother You are indeed strong. You have shown a strength, and power throughout history that is unmatched. You have been called...

5 African Herbs For Wellbeing

Africa as a continent is full of healing herbs.  Some of these herbs contain antioxidants, anticarcinogenic, antitumorigenic, and anti-inflammatory compounds. Below I’ll share with you...

5 minutes with Clarence P. Wilson,III

I stumbled upon Clarence P. Wilson III 's social media profile when a friend shared his weightless progress and transformation upon going vegan. His...


Traveling to Beautiful Country of Senegal

Aliyah Mahdi, an African American who repatriated to the continent seven years ago with her husband RJ Mahdi and their two children share some...

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