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Zobo Drink Recipe!

Zobo is a popular refreshing drink with many health benefits.  This awesome drink is made from dried Roselle plant flowers. Ingredients 1 cup Dry...


Are All Wine Vegan?

Eating Out



Black, Queer and Vegan!

Sounds like a mouthful, doesn’t it? Experiencing the world through these lenses is certainly a handful! Being black, queer, and vegan colours the way I...

Editor's Letters

Editor’s Letter

Dear readers We are 3 issues in. Hurray!!! I have managed to establish a nice balance ; doing all my other stuff whilst enjoying my new...

Editor’s Letter

Editor’s Letter


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Healthy Living

Tsofanye’s favourite UK herbs of 2020/2021

    Most of the herbs I have chosen because I can testify to their effectiveness. Most are very accessible and you are likely to see...

Eat Like Your Ancestors

Did you know that in the UK people of Black African origin are up to three times more likely to develop type 2 diabetes...

How to Use And Prepare Sea Moss

One of the things I started using to boost my immune system during the pandemic was Seamoss. I had always wanted to try it...

Dealing With The Stress Response

Dear Melanated Sister and Brother You are indeed strong. You have shown a strength, and power throughout history that is unmatched. You have been called...

Eat Intentionally

The best thing anyone can do for their health is to be intentional in their eating to maximise nutrients. Its more important to create...


Traveling to Beautiful Country of Senegal

Aliyah Mahdi, an African American who repatriated to the continent seven years ago with her husband RJ Mahdi and their two children share some...

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