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Banana blossom salad recipe by Rogue Vegan

To make this punchy, flavoursome spicy salad, you can find banana blossom, fresh from exotic fruit markets or fresh but pre-sliced from Chinese supermarkets!...

Spice Roasted Plantain 


Party Jollof Rice Recipe

Are All Wine Vegan?



Black, Queer and Vegan!

Sounds like a mouthful, doesn’t it? Experiencing the world through these lenses is certainly a handful! Being black, queer, and vegan colours the way I...

Editor's Letters

Editor’s Letter

It's quite a thrill to be able to present to you the first edition of this awesome magazine dedicated to all things plant-based and...

Editor’s Letter

Editor’s Letter


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Healthy Living

Eat Intentionally

The best thing anyone can do for their health is to be intentional in their eating to maximise nutrients. Its more important to create...

 Preventing Heart Diseases

                Heart disease is the leading cause of death amongst people of colour. Your lifestyle choices can greatly...

Dealing With The Stress Response

Dear Melanated Sister and Brother You are indeed strong. You have shown a strength, and power throughout history that is unmatched. You have been called...

Why You Should Go Oil-Free  

Why should I go oil free? The answer is simple.  Fried foods are high in fat. A regular consumption of fried foods may lead to...

Is Dairy Bad For You?

                                                         Studies have linked dairy to an increased risk of breast, ovarian and prostate cancer. Milk and other dairy products are full of saturated...


Travelling While Vegan

One of the things I found difficult when I first went vegan was Travelling. It was something I did not really consider until I...

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