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Navigating Family Events As A Vegan

                                   Attending family events as a vegan can be...



Black, Queer and Vegan!

Sounds like a mouthful, doesn’t it? Experiencing the world through these lenses is certainly a handful! Being black, queer, and vegan colours the way I...

Editor's Letters

Editor’s Letter

It's quite a thrill to be able to present to you the first edition of this awesome magazine dedicated to all things plant-based and...

Editor’s Letter

Editor’s Letter


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Minimise Toxic Effect of Your Metalic Cookware

CAN THE STATE OF YOUR COOKWARE POTENTIALLY PUT YOUR HEALTH AT RISKS? Cooking is an essential part of our lives; unfortunately, most of the affordable...

 Preventing Heart Diseases

                Heart disease is the leading cause of death amongst people of colour. Your lifestyle choices can greatly...

8 Amazing Sources Of Vegan Protein

                          Eating plant-based, doesn't have to mean protein-deficient, despite what some people may think. There are many ways to get enough protein on a...

Eat These Foods For A Pain-Free Period

Millions of women around the world experience painful menstruation all year round with no hope of finding relief . One of the best ways...

How do you see yourself on planet earth?

Do you know exactly who you are and what you are here for or are you simply living life according to what you were...



Ethiopia, part of the horn of Africa is a country bounded by Eritrea to the north, Djibouti to the northeast, Somalia to the east, Kenya to the south, and South Sudan and Sudan to the...

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