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Navigating Family Events As A Vegan


Attending family events as a vegan can be interesting. Although I get to meet and catch up with distant relatives that I have not seen in years,  sitting and watching everyone devour animals, is always an unpleasant experience for me. It does not matter if you are a long-term vegan or you are transitioning, we sure have all had our fair share of these at family events. I will be sharing some tips that have helped me along the way.

Always snack at home before attending any family event

If your family event is like mine, where no vegan food is served unless I bring my own food, then you should have one or two snacks at home before attending any family event, because waking into a non-vegan family event on an empty stomach is very risky.

Bring enough vegan food for everyone to enjoy

Being the only vegan in your family does not mean you should go empty-handed to family events. Vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants have become popular and it is easier to place orders these days, so you can always place orders for yummy meals if cooking is not your thing, or you can cook up a variety of delicious vegan meals and take them along with you.

Remember why you went vegan

I have been vegan for three years and sometimes I have to remind myself why I ditched animal products. I do not regret being vegan, but a lot of people like to throw shades at vegans and argue blindly about veganism, and it can be exhausting. So anytime you feel down or insulted, always remember why you became vegan in the first place. You are doing the right thing by being compassionate about the environment, animals and living a vegan healthy lifestyle.

Do not let the pressure get to you

It is always good vibes whenever I talk about veganism with my family. I try not to get into any argument with them as I focus the conversation on the reasons for becoming vegan: health and compassion for animals and the environment. I make sure I answer their bugging questions about protein, meat and milk alternatives.

Set boundaries

Sometimes some of our family members do not respect the fact that we no longer eat animals, and it can get messy. So whether you are chatting about the environment, vegan lifestyle or politics, it is always important to protect your boundaries, so as not to become the black sheep of the family.

Give yourself a treat

No matter the bad vibes at dinner or how I feel after seeing my favourite people devouring animals, I still have something interesting to go back home to. For me, that usually means scheduling some girl time for myself. Like treating myself to a big bowl of vegan ice cream and watching some interesting movies alone.

Remember, you are in control of your eating habits and you have got this!



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