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Craving Patties?
Here’s a simple recipe for making Jerk Mushroom Patties :
The dough is made out of:
Spelt flour (300 grams)
Curry powder (1 table spoon)
Tumeric (1 table spoon)
 Salt (1 table spoon)
 3/4 cups of water
Inside of the patty consisted of:
Onions 1 – 2 onions
Garlic (4 cloves)
Mushrooms 1 – 2 packets (depending on portion size)
Bell pepper (1)
Cayenne pepper (1 table spoon)
Tumeric (1 table spoon)
Thyme (1 table spoon)
Curry powder (1 table spoon)
Salt (1 table spoon)
Jerk seasoning (1 table spoon)
In a large bowl, add all dough ingredients except water. Slowly add water until dough comes together, roll into a ball and cover with a plastic wrap, store on fridge for 30 mins. Meanwhile in a pan sauté vegetables in oil.
Remove dough form fridge and flour down surface to prepare for rolling out dough. Take small batches and roll out, using a six inch round bowl (or pastry cutter) cut small circular out, fill a heaping a spoonful in center of dough, folder over and deal with edge of a fork. Once patties are made, place baking paper on a tray brush lightly with oil and place in the oven for 25 mins until cooked
– Will
Vegan Food and Places
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