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It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle

At first, the journey to becoming healthier may seem VERY daunting, having to cut out all your favourite foods to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle can be seen as difficult.

Well, I’m here to tell you, you’re wrong!

It is an exciting and beautiful journey, with many hidden secrets along the way! Replace your sweet tooth with dates and mulberries and follow the road to a long and vibrant life!


Eating clean does not require a calorie count, mother nature does not come with a label – so go ahead and eat as many fruits as you like! The weight gain comes from the unnatural processed junk foods that we have sadly been accustomed to.

Finding alternatives for your cravings can be a fun and adventurous part of your journey. Baby steps will always lead to giant transformations.


I discovered Dr. Sebi, a wholistic healer, who believed in alkaline foods and that acid was the cause of diseases. This is true, diseases cannot be formed in an alkaline state, only when there is acidity. This is why I will always aim to focus on alkaline pH foods when grocery shopping.

One thing he always mentioned was Sea Moss aka Irish Moss.

This has now become a pivotal element in my diet. Containing 92 minerals out of 102 that our bodies are made of, it seems so clear that we all ought to consume more Sea Moss.  It’s great news for us vegans as it is a good source of B12.

Sea moss is a red algae/sea vegetable that also contains carrageenan which is abundantly used in many industries.

Carrageenan is an additive used to thicken, emulsify, and preserve foods and drinks. It’s a natural ingredient that comes from seaweed (Sea Moss). You’ll often find this ingredient in nut milk, vegan cheese, skin products and many more!

Stripped down bare…

If I told you, you could loose weight by following one simple rule could you stick to it?

EAT FOOD RAW, IN IT’S NAKED FORM! (easy, right?)


I am an advocate for a RAW lifestyle, I refuse to eat a meal without it being accompanied by a fresh colourful salad – even the entire meal being raw! Don’t forget to season your veggies and fruits with spices and herbs; Veggies can also be marinated raw e.g. mushrooms, zucchini.

When you fancy a hot drink rather than having a coffee go for the herbal tea instead! If you choose alkaline herbs such as burdock, sarsaparilla, elderberry – these will help remove toxins from your body whilst giving you that boost of minerals that your body longs for! These herbs and foods are considered living and electric! Dead animals/meat is the complete opposite, creating mucus in your body/organs.

We can continuously build our immune systems daily by taking our sea moss and herbs. 

Tipping the scales

This is the perfect lifestyle to achieve weight loss via eating uncooked raw plant-based whole foods only! Eat as much as you like with one simple rule… It must be RAW! Have yourself a fruit buffet and a lovely loaded salad with no harmful sugars or preservatives, just real nutritious food!

Take pleasure in learning about your body and what mother nature has created for us and adapting new recipes in the kitchen to suit your cravings.

The plants are medicine as well as food, but you can create magic once you combine them both!

Eat what we are designed for! We must eat from the wild like the animals do without seeking medical assistance for disease we have brought upon ourselves. We are not designed to eat lobster mac N cheese washed down with a fizzy drink and cheese cake for afters. But wait! You can recreate ANYTHING you like with healthy alkaline ingredients, creativity and perhaps a little help from the internet/Youtube! Search your international food markets and if all fails shop online for such ingredients.


Outweigh the negatives with positives

I started this journey in January 2019 and I have not looked back. Many of us are on the same journey or on different paths, but we are all learning together!

I was sick… I thought I was healthy because I made my own cold-pressed juices once a week! HA!
I flooded myself with alcohol at every opportunity, ate chicken and chips, kebabs, Big Macs and DIRT. Many people used to call me ‘healthy’ including myself, this is where we are confused.
I was eating anything I wanted I was addicted and trapped in a cycle. I would eat meat, dairy, processed junk, drink alcohol, etc.
If we are eating NON-nourishing-acidic foods on a ratio of 3 to 1, it does not matter how much sea moss and herbs we have you will always be sick! We know smoking and drinking are horrible for us but we still do them because we cannot break out of the cycle.
We need to think logically and stop using our bodies as dumping grounds.
We determine the foundation we use to grow.
If you’re eating 3 clean meals and having 1 cheat meal THAT’S FINE, we are allowed to indulge once in a while but don’t abuse it. Fast a few days a month to allow yourself space to indulge, cleanse yourself with fruits, herbs and plenty of water.


But, it’s too expensive!”

I’m telling you it’s not… What’s expensive is steak and lobster, not just in your pocket but in your heart.

We can justify spending £1000 on an iPhone with a designer handbag – but we are hesitant and make excuses when spending money on our long-term well-being.

What if the ice cream van was a salad van with extra avocado toppings, olive oil and raisins?
The way we grow up, in the big city, is a huge distraction from what really matters in our lifetime.

Look after your hearts and brains before we splash out on material items.
One of our easiest and biggest pleasures in life is eating! So why have we cheated ourselves out of real flavours just to follow the adverts and billboards of the latest burger in town?
We have become a slave to the brands and resistant to pick up a pan in our own kitchens? All for the love of junk food which will only damage us slowly.
We look forward to other people’s cooking rather than to embrace the kitchen with our loved ones and share our own cooking.


Conscious eating
We must learn to care for ourselves and in turn, we will learn to care for others.

Search for your non-hybrid foods, foods must contain seeds to maximise the benefits.
We are battling many chronic diseases because we simply struggle to stick with mother nature’s food!

All the fast-food companies have made you forget what real food tastes like!

They have made you cautious of choking on seeded grapes and frightened of avocados! We have become addicted to food additives (MSG), salt and all the artificial flavours you can’t even fathom!
Pick up a box of strawberries and taste the difference! Watermelons are hydrating enough that you don’t need to sip a Pepsi after.
The beauty of eating raw is your body feels fresh and vibrant after a meal with no food coma.
You instantly feel replenished with no need to find the nearest comfy area to slump on.
Even your simple veggies can cause healing, for example, the mono saturated fat in avocado and tomatoes combined makes the cancer-fighting lycopene four times more powerful!

“It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle” – why? Because we are not counting calories and depriving ourselves of eating. The fact we need to count calories of certain food products should ring alarm bells to us all. Instead of a cake that has been sitting on a shelf for weeks make yourself an electric fruit bowl packed with minerals and goodness that will satisfy your soul and your cells over any pre-made packaged sweet.

Once you tap into the energy of real food you will never go back and appreciate your fruit isle even more than the snack isle! We can still have a good time without the acidic toxic foods! Berry fruit party anyone?

Being sick is not enjoyable, convenient food is enjoyable until you end up sick from all the chemicals.
Our bodies need minerals, less acid-forming foods, the closer to acid the closer we are to death.

Eat raw, eat fresh, stay clean.


Thank you for reading and I hope this reaches your spirit.


Yours sincerely,

Salad (The Alkaline Vegan)

If you would like advice and tips on how to transition please email us at szaladviszion@gmail.com

Follow our Instagram page @saladvision.seamoss to stay connected with our daily motivation and clean healthy recipes!



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