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How Going Vegan can Improve Your Sex life

Apart from saving the animals , planet and feeling much better as a human, there is an often overlooked benefit of going vegan.

According to data from dating app IllicitEncounters.com, Vegans have twice as much sex as meat eaters. It could be attributed to the following:

Platbased diet reduces your risks of diseases that might affect your libido.

Diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol and hormonal imbalance have been proven to affect erectile functions and libido. Plantbased diet is often recommended by doctors to help reverse these.

Happy gut happy mood

The state of your health can greatly impact your mood. A plant rich diet is widely known to aid digestion. When you are happy its easier to get you in the “mood.”

Better circulation

Because the body is not working overtime to break down meat, the blood flows to other parts of body that is essential for arousal.

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