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How do you see yourself on planet earth?

Do you know exactly who you are and what you are here for or are you simply living life according to what you were taught and told to do which means that you are living according to someone else’s ideal and not being your authentic self.

I see us humans as passengers on planet earth and the earth is the classroom where we act as teachers or students based on the circumstances we find ourselves in.

This is the reason why we never stop to learn because we are here to encounter some life important lessons and close the cycles if we managed to understand the lessons fast enough. We would continue to go round in circles and repeat the cycles until we finally learn those precious lessons.

However, it is solely the duty of each

individual to ensure that his stay on earth is as pleasant as he/she wishes to. We have no control about our past nor our future but we can create our happiness by being content and acknowledging that the present moment is all we have and we are grateful for that.

How many people really spend time understanding their needs? Most people are focused on what they can do for others so they can receive some form of appreciation and love in return. The act of doing in order to receive and steadily expecting from others, is what brings disappointment into people’s spaces  knowing fully that we cannot control anything.

We have to get used to finding happiness from within and the same way people mine for diamonds, we have to dig deep between the layers to bring out the happiness that we so deserve.

Nobody can pour from an empty cup. You cannot receive nor give what does not exist in you.

You want people to love you but you don’t have love for yourself.

Energy is all there is. Your energy introduces you before you even speak.

We are all interconnected and it is very important we take care of our energy in order to be operating with the right vibrations.

Low vibrations will attract individuals whose energies are on the same frequencies.

Therefore, we need to work on and love ourselves so much that we have enough to

share with others without being the one at the lose end.

Selflove and Self-care is key for anybody who is embarking on the self-healing journey.

Healing is a lifelong process and it begins from the moment we acknowledge that it is time to face our shadows and meet our authentic self on the way to healing.

How to go about loving and caring for yourself without feeling guilty?

We will address this in our next article.

Meanwhile, inhale/exhale deeply and take good care of yourself.

Marjorie Fiedler

The Holistic Therapist

A.L.E – Healing Course


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