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5 Melanated Vegan Women to Follow


It’s women’s month, so it is only right to highlight all women when looking at Black vegans to follow. The below women are all unique in their own ways as social media creators and you can look forward to authentic content that will inspire you in more ways than one. Read more about them below:

  1. @zipporahthevegan  

Do you want to learn more about intersectionality and dive into topics discussing social justice and veganism while being enticed with delicious vegan food? You can get all of this and more with Zipporah, who currently resides in Vancouver, British Columbia. She has fun, yet educational Q&As and insightful information shared in her stories, a thriving Tiktok page, a conversation-starter Twitter and also exclusive recipes that you can find on her Patreon.





From green plantain noodles to oyster mushroom bacon, Kerry Ann never misses when it comes to innovative plant based food. Her cooking skills are incredibly creative and her consistent posts of food with Jamaican flair will have you drooling and wanting to replicate every single thing on her page. Almost every day you can find amazing inspiration to elevate your plant-based cooking.


If you want to see some of the best reels/Tiktoks on nutrition, wholesome plant based food and fitness, Rasheeta always pulls through. You’ll laugh, you may

feel guilty, but you’ll always feel educated and look forward to her amazing content. A plant-based weight loss coach who provides useful tips on natural remedies, healthier plant based options, aiding health issues and effective workout tips.


This beauty queen shares her tips, recommendations and secrets with many different vegan beauty products. Veganism certainly isn’t only about the food and Grace demonstrates how you

can incorporate cruelty-free in your life with ease. Her honest opinions and raw videos/photos using big to small vegan brands help guide your decisions on what products to buy based on the quality, ease of use, packaging and ethics as well.

5. @geauxjuice

Kia is an adventurous solo-travelling juicer who definitely inspires with her carefree spirit. It’s fun to follow along on her journeys through her stories and posts with detailed captions about her travel experiences when it comes to accommodation and vegan restaurants. Her juicing game is insane with the different ingredients she mixes together. She is also killer in the kitchen and can whip up amazing creole-style comfort food.


These five Black vegan women are a must to follow, as they each provide a different aspect to the vegan blogger/creator world and can give you a variety of content to learn from. You won’t be disappointed!


Alyssa Switzer

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