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Emmy Kasbit : Akwete Redefined

Emmy Kasbit is a Nigerian brand redefining African Luxury wear. Emmy Kasbit uses Akwete, a traditional handwoven fabric from Akwete, Abia state Nigeria for many of its designs.

Chimamanda wearing Emmy Kasbit


Akwete cloth is a unique hand woven textile produced in Igboland for which the town of Akwete in Abia stateNigeria is famous. The traditional Igbo weaving as demonstrated in Akwete processes sisalhempraffiacotton or other fibres into finished products. While the coarse raffia materials are used by masquerades and in the past as headgear for warriors among other uses, the hemp material was used to weave towels, ropes and handbags. The more comfortable and colorful spun cotton is used to weave cloth for everyday wearing.

Weaving is done on a loom. There are two types of loom, the horizontal loom used by men and the vertical loom used by women. Traditionally most of the weaving is done by women. A continuous warp thread gives a solid color background for the motifs. A two color warp background is also used which produces a blended color effect.



Source: OkwuID , Wikipedia , Emmy Kasbit

Nena Ubani
Editor in Chief

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