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As far as I can remember, whenever someone decides to fully be themselves and enjoy life on their own terms, there is always that voice in the corner or someone from their surroundings who would tell them not to because it is considered CHILDISH.
Many adults are unhappy because they are scared to be happy.
There can never be a well functioning adult if the inner child is wounded and not taken care of.
How an individual was raised up and which patterns were passed on to him or her will determine if he or she will be confident enough to be their authentic self or if they would play the role they were assigned to and be the person they were asked to be.
A lot of individuals ignore what it means to be their authentic self because all their life theybwere just used to do what and as they were told to.
This is why it is important for parents to allow their children to be open to them and voice out their desires.
If your child wants to be an actor or a dancer, enroll them in courses that will help them develop these skills.
I personally bring out my inner child everyday with my actions. When I feel like dancing in a video and post it, I do it without caring about if others would find it childish or not.
Their opinion is not mine and doesn’t affect my life in any way.
Whenever you stop your self from doing positive things that will help your soul, you throw away a part of your happiness.
Self-Love and Self-Care is key.
Don’t forget that it is your duty to fully discover yourself.
Who are you? Who are you meant to be? Are you being your authentic self? Are you doing the things you like to do or do you stop yourself because you fear judgement from others? These are the questions you need to ask yourself and if needs be, you have the possibility to UNLEARN to RELEARN.
Unleash your inner child and be happy because the only individual you will be with FOREVER is you.
Marjorie F. Fiedler
The Holistic Therapist
Nena Ubani
Editor in Chief

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