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Eat Intentionally

The best thing anyone can do for their health is to be intentional in their eating to maximise nutrients. Its more important to create recipes that offer the most nutrient potent meals to replenish the body before thinking about taste. The idea is to guide your culinary habits using sound nutrition principles for best benefits from foods. Beyond nutrients, it is also crucial to create recipes using life stages needs as well. This is because at every life stage our nutrient needs differ.


Breakfast tips

Breakfast is literally time to break the fast from the long hours of sleep. It is therefore important to eat a healthy breakfast. It is always wise to start your day with something warm and light.  A cup of healthy tea or warm water and some juice of lemon is a great start. For those whose system cannot tolerate lemon juice, apple cider vinegar would suffice.

  • To kick start the replenishing process ( similar to warming a car before you heat the road),  a bowl of mixed fruits or a slice of water melon or any other fruit or smoothies would do as a light breakfast. This would slowly warm up the body in preparation for the digestion process.
  • Depending on how fast your digestive system is or your appetite, some people may do breakfast 2, which is usually in addition to the fruits. This maybe a piece of bread or some type of cereal. For cereal, oats are said to be a great option, especially for kids. And plant based milk combination with cereal is recommended. Always remember to keep breakfast light.
  • Drink water at least 20minutes after meal to influence better digestion.


 Lunch  Tips

  • Practice Control portion!
  • A typical African diet is high in carbohydrate. If one is not an athlete, such diet may become problematic to one’s health. In order to control portions, eat a large bowl of salad first. Salads are high in fiber . Fiber gives that satiety feeling that helps control our carbohydrate intake portions or food portions in general.
  • Keep it simple.
  • When it comes to packing lunches, keeping things simple is key. Most people work or study. When you are not in the comfort of your home keep lunch simple. This way you don’t need to use multiple cutlery or space to accommodate a spread.
  • Packing lunch for kids needs to be colourful and fun. Remember, we all eat with our eyes first, especially kids. So colourful is vital to keep kids excited.
  • Keep it familiar. You don’t have the time to start thinking about how it may taste and all
  • Drink water at least 20minutes after meal to influence better digestion.


Dinner tips

  • Most dinners are in the comfort of one’s home therefore you can afford to have a spread, but avoid  heavy dishes, especially  if you have poor digestion. A bowl of salad and some form of protein is a perfect dinner meal. Form the habit of eating your dinner at least an hour before bed time.
  • Drink water at least 20minutes after meal to influence better digestion.



For questions on culinary/ grocery tips, diet-plans:


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Instergram:ngodoo.s.jacob or dietafrica_nutrihaven

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